Make a Beautiful Swirl in Your Sugar Cake With Just Four Simple Steps

swirl cake

If you are looking for information on how to frost a swirl cake, you are in for quite the experience! This is by far my favourite cake for the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or baby shower. It’s so simple and yet so elegant that it will sure to be a big hit at your next event.

When most people think of swirl cakes they usually think of chocolate ones. These are the favourite treats of many a kid (and adult’s) and can be made at home for those who are inclined. However, I decided to take this approach to make a special dessert for my husband, Dan. Since he has diabetes, he struggles with limiting his food intake. Luckily for us, we live near some fantastic bakers who make wonderful creations using sugar-free icing and fondant to create a tasty treat for him every single year!

One of our friends makes beautiful angel food cake pops using only vegetable oil bag and water. This beautiful dessert is topped with chocolate and caramel syrup and baked on a hot griddle. For the preparation of this case, we simply used a standard baking soda and water solution. We also used a pastry brush to create swirls on the cake pops. For the decorations, we simply melted some vegetable oil in a small bowl, then added some water and chocolate chips. The result was beautiful and delicious cakes!


To make this cake, you will need approximately 2 cups of cake batter, approximately 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, approximately six cups of water, approximately two cups of sugar, approximately two tablespoons of vanilla extract, approximately two to three tablespoons of baking soda, and approximately two to three cups of powdered sugar. This recipe will produce approximately twelve to eighteen circles of cake batter. When measuring your ingredients, be sure that you follow the package directions. You will also want to double the recipe for icing because you will need that much to fill the pans. Once your batter is measured, you can begin your journey towards beautiful fruitcake!

Before your cake batter is mixed and poured into the pans, you will need to prepare your fruit filling. Begin by using an electric mixer to beat the sugar and vegetable oil until they become light and fluffy. Then, you will add the vanilla and buttercream and beat until smooth and creamy.

swirl cake

Once your batter is prepared, you can begin to decorate your cake. Start by lining three separate rows of the cake with your frosting colours. Once the rows are complete, you can then begin to apply your fruit cake mix and frost the cake. Beginning in the centre of your cake and working your way out, this technique will create a variety of amazing swirls throughout your cake. To create smaller swirls, use your fingertips and slowly swirl each layer of cake.

To make sure that the cake pan you are using has the right consistency, you can stretch the batter out on your non-stick baking parchment paper before you begin to fill it. If your batter is not thick, it will overflow easily and spill out over the sides of the pan, creating large, ugly bubbles. Always make sure to cover your baking pans with the baking parchment before you begin filling the cake.

Once all the cake batter has been added and blended, you can begin to fill the cakes. To do this, you must have a heavy saucepan in which you can heat the cake and pour the hot cake batter into. Once the cake batter is hot, it should be able to stick to the hot pan with only a light tug. It is important to work in small batches. Allow the cake to cool completely before removing it from the pan.