Mud Cakes

M y mud cakes are dense and moist but still retain a cake-like texture. All my mud cakes are made with quality chocolate. Listed are some of the most popular flavours. This list is by no means exhaustive and I’m happy to try and accommodate special requests. Mud cakes are best layered with dark, milk or white chocolate ganache which can be flavoured to suit the cake. White muds can be tinted a variety of colours.

Dark Chocolate

Rich, dense, but still “cakey”, made with dark chocolate and cocoa.

White Chocolate

A lighter texture than the dark mud but still dense and moist.


Rich, dense and caramelly, perfect for those with a very sweet tooth.


White chocolate with a mix of citrus zests, giving it a lovely tang.


Dark or white chocolate with raspberry puree swirled through.


Dark chocolate with real shots of fresh espresso, a perfect combination.


White chocolate with a lighter hit of fresh espresso (strength can be varied).

Choc Orange

Dark chocolate with lots of orange zest, so you can really taste the orange.

Baileys Irish Cream

White chocolate with a generous amount of real Baileys.

Choc Mint

Dark or white chocolate with minty freshness.

Rum & Raisin

Extra dark mud cake packed full of rum soaked raisins.

Cherry Ripe

Dark chocolate with a subtle hint of coconut, packed with Cherry Ripe bars.

Lighter Cakes

N ot everybody likes a mud cake so I offer a wide range of other cakes. These all have a lighter texture but are still nice and moist. These cakes are all beautiful layered with either Italian Meringue buttercream or Traditional buttercream (American buttercream), which can be flavoured to best compliment each cake. Ganache can also be used if you want a lighter cake but with a decadent filling.

Fillings & Icings

A variety of fillings can be used for your cake. Mud cakes, due to their heavier nature, are best filled with ganache. Other styles of cake can be filled with just about any filling. Depending on the time of year some fillings may be less advisable for your style of cake. Both my buttercreams are made using real butter. All fillings can also be used as icing for cupcakes and for covering cakes when fondant is not desired.

Something Special

S erving the cake for dessert? Consider taking it up a notch with one of these flavour combinations. Brushed with liqueur and layered with rich fillings these make the perfect finish to a lovely dinner.

Special Dietary Requirements

I am very happy to accommodate special dietary requirements. I offer gluten free, dairy free and nut free versions of several of my popular flavours. I am also happy to advise if a flavour not already listed is able to be made to meet your dietary requirement. I also fully understand just how small a trace of something can seriously affect somebody who is Celiac, has an allergy or intolerance. I do not have a GF certified kitchen and some ingredients I use ‘may contain traces’ of restricted products. As such I can not offer any guarantee that anything I produce will be entirely free of the restricted item.

Chocolate Cake

The Vegan version of my chocolate cake. Dairy, nut & egg free.

Fruit Cake

My fruit cake is dark, dense, and full of fruit and no nuts! The fruit is soaked a minimum of 2 weeks before it is baked and then left to mature for at least 4 weeks. It is the maturing process that gives it a rich dark appearance, and the longer it can be left the richer it becomes. Due to this process I need a minimum of 7 weeks notice for fruit cakes. The cakes can then be covered in marzipan & fondant, or just fondant.