How To Create A Ruffle Cake And Top It Off With Decorating

ruffles and lace cake

Ruffle cakes and lace cake decorating has become increasingly popular. Why? Because it adds sparkle and colour to any wedding. Also, it looks extremely elegant when done right. Here are some lace cake ideas to help you make a ruffle wedding cake or a lace cake design you’ll be proud to display in your wedding reception hall.


Many different looks can be achieved with ruffles and lace cake decorating. The first is a very basic ruffle which gives the cake a very elegant look. This is good for an outdoor wedding, as it gives a natural-looking effect. This would also work well if your cake had a lot of white frosting and was meant to look natural and simple. For an indoor reception, this look is even better because of the shiny look that white frosting makes.

You could also use ruffles and lace cake ideas to create a beautiful pattern. This can be achieved by using more than one lace element, such as a series of ruffles interspersed with lace egg crates or with plain lace. A great way to achieve this look is to have one big pattern made up of various lace elements and then have smaller patterns accentuated using more lace. You must allow all the lace on your cake to completely blend to provide a smooth finished effect.

ruffles and lace cake

Ruffle Cake Patterns

Another great looking design is to use ruffle cake patterns to give an old-world French flair to your reception. For example, you could use ruffle cake ideas that have been created with a toile decoration style border. Or, you could use a ruffle that has been decorated with a sort of pin-up style design. In either case, the idea is to use ruffles which match the motif of the design you’ve chosen for your toile cake. This is particularly useful if you are having a child’s birthday party and you would like to have something on the cake which will help to reflect that theme.

There are some excellent options available for ruffle cake ideas. For example, you can have ruffles that are made from organza fabric which is then stitched together to create a sort of lace texture. If you would like the texture to be more subtle and you don’t want the lace to be noticeable, then you may wish to choose organza lace with a matte finish to give it a softer touch. These particular lace cake ideas will work well if you are having an all lace wedding.

If you would like to have a ruffle which is a little bolder than most designs, then you may wish to use braided lace. This style of ruffle works well with more solid-coloured layers but it can also be used in conjunction with other design elements to make a more individual design. It is always best to take the time to carefully plan the various elements that will appear on your cake. The ruffle design should be an obvious part of this scheme.

Extra Tips

The key to making a good ruffle design is to work out how much lace you can include without drawing too much attention to the design. You can use a piece of ribbon to create the pattern, but you need to ensure that there is enough material so that you aren’t cutting into the overall design. You can also choose ruffles which are bigger in size and thicker in feel. These will work well if you want to replicate an existing design pattern. Alternatively, you can have a single large ruffle made up of numerous smaller ruffle designs.

When choosing what type of ruffle cake to purchase, it is important to choose a brand that has a good reputation and which produces high-quality products. This will ensure that your cake will last for years to come. If you are planning a big birthday party for you and your partner, then ruffle cake ideas which incorporate flowers and candles are ideal. You could also have a cake with a military-style design or one with cute little animals or even ones with an old fashioned look to them. Whatever you and your loved one decide upon, it is important to keep in mind that you will both love the resulting cake.…

Make a Beautiful Swirl in Your Sugar Cake With Just Four Simple Steps

swirl cake

If you are looking for information on how to frost a swirl cake, you are in for quite the experience! This is by far my favourite cake for the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or baby shower. It’s so simple and yet so elegant that it will sure to be a big hit at your next event.

When most people think of swirl cakes they usually think of chocolate ones. These are the favourite treats of many a kid (and adult’s) and can be made at home for those who are inclined. However, I decided to take this approach to make a special dessert for my husband, Dan. Since he has diabetes, he struggles with limiting his food intake. Luckily for us, we live near some fantastic bakers who make wonderful creations using sugar-free icing and fondant to create a tasty treat for him every single year!

One of our friends makes beautiful angel food cake pops using only vegetable oil bag and water. This beautiful dessert is topped with chocolate and caramel syrup and baked on a hot griddle. For the preparation of this case, we simply used a standard baking soda and water solution. We also used a pastry brush to create swirls on the cake pops. For the decorations, we simply melted some vegetable oil in a small bowl, then added some water and chocolate chips. The result was beautiful and delicious cakes!


To make this cake, you will need approximately 2 cups of cake batter, approximately 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, approximately six cups of water, approximately two cups of sugar, approximately two tablespoons of vanilla extract, approximately two to three tablespoons of baking soda, and approximately two to three cups of powdered sugar. This recipe will produce approximately twelve to eighteen circles of cake batter. When measuring your ingredients, be sure that you follow the package directions. You will also want to double the recipe for icing because you will need that much to fill the pans. Once your batter is measured, you can begin your journey towards beautiful fruitcake!

Before your cake batter is mixed and poured into the pans, you will need to prepare your fruit filling. Begin by using an electric mixer to beat the sugar and vegetable oil until they become light and fluffy. Then, you will add the vanilla and buttercream and beat until smooth and creamy.

swirl cake

Once your batter is prepared, you can begin to decorate your cake. Start by lining three separate rows of the cake with your frosting colours. Once the rows are complete, you can then begin to apply your fruit cake mix and frost the cake. Beginning in the centre of your cake and working your way out, this technique will create a variety of amazing swirls throughout your cake. To create smaller swirls, use your fingertips and slowly swirl each layer of cake.

To make sure that the cake pan you are using has the right consistency, you can stretch the batter out on your non-stick baking parchment paper before you begin to fill it. If your batter is not thick, it will overflow easily and spill out over the sides of the pan, creating large, ugly bubbles. Always make sure to cover your baking pans with the baking parchment before you begin filling the cake.

Once all the cake batter has been added and blended, you can begin to fill the cakes. To do this, you must have a heavy saucepan in which you can heat the cake and pour the hot cake batter into. Once the cake batter is hot, it should be able to stick to the hot pan with only a light tug. It is important to work in small batches. Allow the cake to cool completely before removing it from the pan.…

Creative Engagement Cake Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

engagement cake ideas

An engagement party is always a great way to celebrate your impending marriage, and have your close friends and family members gathered to share your celebration with you. This is also a great time to start planning for the wedding that will take place not long after the reception. There are countless engagement cake ideas available to you. Some engagement cake ideas are so simple that even the most inexperienced bride can create them. With just a little bit of baking knowledge, you too can create this beautiful, edible butterfly topper for your engagement cake.

Popular Ideas

One of the most popular engagement cake ideas is called a Butterfly Underlay. It’s very easy to make, especially if you use an edible paint container to tint the bottom of a standard cake pan. The butterflies that adorn the cake can be designed using the edible paint and frosting colours that are available at your local craft store. These decorations are usually made by applying frosting to a foundation cake that has already been baked, so the only real cake creation is your design. If you aren’t good at baking, this may not be the right cake for you.

Another popular engagement cake idea is called a fruit leather cake. Again, these decorations can be created using frosting that is purchased in your local craft store. Fruit leather is made out of strips of fruit leather stitched together. When these strips of leather are soaked in wax or oil, they become smooth, which gives them the appearance and feel of moist fruit.

Creative Ideas

For a slightly more extravagant engagement cake, there are two options: buying a custom cake topper or making your fruit leather cake. For this project, you’ll need to purchase a cake pan that has been baking a particular shape, such as a square or round one. You’ll also need to find or make your fruit leather frosting. Typically, it’s available in a brown, buttery flavour.

One last option is to make your own fruit leather engagement cake topper. This can be done using a very simple process. You’ll need a hot glue gun, fondant, and a piece of wood or cardboard with a hole in the centre. You’ll want to outline the hole with the fondant; once this is done, apply the hot glue to the wood or cardboard and carefully press the metal strip into the hole. Using the hot glue gun, press the paper strip into the hole until it is completely covered.

engagement cake ideas

Gift Bags

A unique engagement party decorating idea is to make edible gift bags. This is particularly fun if you are having the engagement party at someone’s home. For this project, you will need brown food colouring, a bag of sweets, and some craft supplies. Wrap the brown food colouring around several M&Ms in the size of a cookie and use the craft supplies to create your unique wrappers for each M&M.

These engagement cake ideas are just a few of the great engagement cake ideas that you’ll find on the Internet. The key to making these ideas work for your wedding is to think creatively. Just because it’s easy or does not take a lot of time doesn’t mean it has to come out looking bad. Take your time and do your research so that you can have an amazing cake that will be a conversation piece at your reception.

The engagement cake can be just one part of the fabulous celebration that you throw for your soon-to-be-bride. It’s always a good idea to start designing the engagement cake well in advance. There are plenty of ideas online that will help you come up with some wonderful decorations. Start browsing the Internet today so you can get started on planning your beautiful engagement party.…

Wedding Naked Cake – Make A Cake That Is Absolutely Nasty!

wedding naked cake

The wedding is the most special day of your life! It marks your transition into married life. A beautiful wedding cake deserves an equally beautiful guest who will share it with you. Choosing the right wedding cake design is crucial to having a successful wedding. There are several different types of cakes out there; some of them cost a lot of money and are very elaborate while others are very simple and elegant. As a result, it’s important to find the perfect cake design to complement your wedding.

  • Sponge Cake – The traditional favourite is still a top choice. The guests can enjoy this moist, delicious and relatively low maintenance cake at any of your reception locations. This is also the perfect option if you don’t have a big budget but want a great tasting cake that you can take home. Simply choose one of the 3 tier semi-naked cakes decorated with fresh berries, dried fruits or both to enjoy in your kitchen.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly – This option is extremely popular for wedding receptions. The cake can be decorated either with fresh nuts or chocolate syrup. This makes a very simple dessert and is great for sharing with people who don’t care for complicated flavours. Also, it’s quite easy to make this dessert yourself if you’re feeling a little adventurous. Simply mix some peanut butter, jam, jelly, milk, flour, sprinkles and chocolate chips.
  • Chocolate & Strawberries – This is a more expensive option but can make a delicious and stunning wedding cake. The two ingredients blend beautifully and add a smooth, creamy texture to your baked good. Chocolate strawberries are available both already made or as fresh fruit from the farm.
  • White Chocolate Buttercream – There are several variations on this theme. If you’re serving guests who aren’t so into chocolate, consider making this dessert naked cake filled with white chocolate buttercream. The buttercream will taste just like traditional buttercream but will have a smoother and richer flavour thanks to the addition of the white chocolate. It’s one of the most popular options for wedding cakes and is also quite easy to make yourself if you’ve got the time and ingredients.
wedding naked cake
  • Vanilla & Mint With Strawberries – This particular dessert has a wonderful combination of flavours. You’ll want to start with vanilla cake mix and then add in a fresh strawberry or two. This dessert can be decorated in many different ways and is a favourite in many cases. Make sure you have a gluten free cake mix available if you decide to decorate using the fresh strawberries and mint.
  • Cherry Chocolate Buttercream – Made from scratch using only cream and no butter, this wedding cake semi-naked is delicious and quite easy to make. Start with some regular old fashioned vanilla cake mix and add in a bit of extra virgin olive oil and then wrap it in foil. Next, you’ll pour a layer of the cream onto the top of the foil, which will help to give the finished product a lighter appearance. After that, you just spoon in a few fresh flowers onto the top of the cream and you have a delicious dessert.
  • Toppings For A Wedding Naked Cake – This dessert is so delicious that you may find yourself wanting to include all kinds of things to spice it up even more! If this is something that you’re interested in doing, you have plenty of options. For example, you can arrange out of fresh flowers that match your bridal party. Or, perhaps you could use small dried flower petals and decorate each layer of your semi-naked cake size 8 with them before putting it in the oven.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas That Are Fun And Gorgeous

baby shower cake ideas

It’s baby shower cake ideas time! Yes, we all know that a baby shower is not just for mothers. Not by a long shot. Although we might think differently, baby shower cake ideas should also include fathers, uncles, aunties, baby-sitters and the baby’s godmothers. So if you are having one, don’t be stingy to ask the help of others. After all, it is your special day.

What’s baby shower cake ideas without the baby shower cake? After all, baby shower cake ideas are nothing without baby shower cake decorations. With all the cute baby shower invitations you have gotten in the mail, what would you say if the invitation says, “Come on baby shower cake!”? It’s a sure sign that baby shower cake ideas need a boost. You don’t want baby shower cake ideas that lack flavour! Thankfully, there are so many baby shower cake ideas to choose from.

Themed Cake

One of the most popular baby shower cake ideas is to make a themed baby shower cake. You can do this with any theme you like. From baby animals to nursery rhymes, to fairy tale characters, to favourite cartoons, and everything in between, you can come up with an overwhelming number of baby shower cake ideas. And since baby shower cakes are pretty, and usually take less than an hour to make, it shouldn’t be too hard to fit a theme into it. Just think about it: you can have a pink baby shower cake and a baby blue one. And don’t forget the baby shower cake decorations: they can be anything, from baby pink bows and flowers to baby blue balloons.

Some other popular baby shower cake ideas are to have a themed baby shower cake. You can do this with a gender-neutral baby shower cake. You can even get two baby shower cake ideas from the same theme – i.e. a baby shower cake for a baby boy and a baby shower cake for a baby girl.

For instance, you can get a baby shower cake idea that has pink icing and baby chicks peeking over the frosting. Or you can get a baby shower cake idea that has green icing and kittens walking around the frosting. If you want to have a more traditional baby shower cake, you can try something like a baby footprint or baby bottle. These can be made using any type of edible item, although baby bottles and footprints tend to be the most popular. It’s always a good idea to have some baby shower cake decorating tools on hand so that you can easily create a unique baby shower cake design.

baby shower cake ideas

Decorating a Cake

One of the best baby shower cake ideas is to create a baby shower cake that has a baby in the middle. This is a popular option for baby shower cakes and it also has the bonus of being very cute and cuddly. A baby in the middle can be dressed up in baby clothes and other baby items that give the cake maker a lot of leeway. You can do pretty much anything that you’d like with the baby in the middle, making the cake unique.

Another one of the most popular baby shower cake ideas is to make the cake look like it’s been transplanted to the baby. You can do this by using baby booties as layers. You can also use baby blankets as frosting. You can also use baby clothing as a topping on the cake. This one is especially cute because baby shower cake ideas usually involve baby clothes.

Make sure that you let the baby shower cake decorator know what baby shower cake ideas you’re going with. If you have any questions, they can always help you out. Don’t worry about it being too expensive because a baby shower cake is not costly at all. It doesn’t cost that much to buy a single cake. The baby shower cake decorator may charge you a few extra dollars for extra ingredients, but it’s nothing compared to what you will end up paying for baby shower cake ideas that don’t turn out to be so spectacular. It’s really up to you and how much you’re willing to pay.…

Make Your Own Ruffle Cake!

ruffle cake

Have you ever made a ruffle cake before? If you have not, I suggest you go back and make one today. The first time making a ruffle cake is going to be a bit of a challenge because it will require you to learn a few new skills. Here are a few ruffle cake ideas that you can use to help make the process a little easier.

First off, if you do not already have a video tutorial for this cake then you are in luck. There are several different tutorials on the Internet that you can find. One of the best tutorials available is the one on the right. You can find it by searching on YouTube or even on Google. This tutorial will give you an overview of everything that you need to know about making a ruffle cake.


Next, before you get started you will need to make sure that your oven is preheated. Because most cakes are baked with at least hot temperature the traditional way, your oven needs to be preheated to at least 350 degrees F. You want to make sure that your oven is heated evenly. Also, before you start to roll out your dough in your chosen pastry pan, you need to grease or flour each side of your plans so that you can smooth them out. Gently apply the grease to your pans and then turn them over. This will help ensure that your ruffle cake pan will come out the way that you would like it to.


To make your ruffle cake taste good, you will need a delicious recipe, to begin with. A good ruffle cake recipe can be found online, in cookbooks or even in magazines. A great recipe for a ruffle cake usually calls for about two cups of butter, enough to dissolve about three tablespoons of sugar, three eggs, one teaspoon of vanilla extract and approximately three to four cups of whole milk. The recipe will specify the exact proportions of ingredients. If you do not have a precise measurement of the ingredients listed in the recipe then you may consider using any measuring cups that you have at home or that have a measuring tip on them.

Once you have all of your ingredients ready, you will next need to bake your ruffle cake. The amount of time that it takes to bake a cake depends entirely on how large your cake is and how much baking time you choose to spend on it. Generally, a cake takes anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes to bake, so set your timer to approximately fifteen minutes. After the timer goes off, you can begin to decorate your cake with your design in mind.

ruffle cake

Some Tips

For beginners, it is best to use a non-stick spray for the base of the ruffle. Using a spray that contains butter or cooking spray, can prevent the ruffle from sticking to the cake when it is sprayed with the spray. It is also a good idea to keep the ruffle cake from touching the ground during the entire process. If you plan to decorate the ruffle cake while it is still in its original box, you can place the cake on a lined baking sheet, which will help it stay straight and create a smooth surface to work on. It is also helpful if you outline where you want things to go on the cake before you begin filling it. This way you can be sure you don’t miss a spot.

Most ruffle cakes are created from vanilla cake recipes, which are fairly straightforward. These recipes only require you to mix the ingredients and turn them into liquid form, which you will then pour into a mixing bowl. You will then beat the egg whites to get rid of any air bubbles and begin working the yolks into the yokes. You will then beat the whites into a paste. You will have to do this several times until the egg whites are blended well into the paste.

Once the pasta is ready, you will pipe or crimp it onto the cake, using a pastry bag or decorating bag with a small tip. Make sure you pipe or crimp each layer of cake, finishing one step at a time as you go. Continue adding the ruffle to make the pattern more pronounced as you go. If you find that you are having trouble with the pattern, you might want to add more of the paste or use some of the leftover paste to decorate another part of the cake.…